Metaverse. A New Dimension:
Why Learning Augmented Reality Today is Crucial For You
And Your Business
May 26
Who is this webinar for?
Marketing experts
Owners & CEO
Meet our speaker - Anna Belova
Anna Belova, Founder and CEO of DEVAR, Forbes Under 30.

In 2015 Anna launched DEVAR startup. DEVAR was ranked one of the top 60 immersive education companies in AR/VR by JFF.
Today DEVAR features:
- 13 patents in the US, South Korea, Europe, China, India
- cooperation with leading companies in their industries (McDonalds, Hasbro, Nickelodeon, Duke University, University of the Arts, etc.)
- several international awards (AWE Auggie Awards Finalist in multiple nominations, iF Design Awards, A'Design Award, Digital Book World, Muse Design Rose Gold Award and more)

Anna is an expert and a sought-after media speaker, she knows how to get from launching the first product to building a successful international business, what's important for unpacking the Metaverse and how to get a head start in the industry that will shape the next decade.
In this webinar you'll learn about:
  • The next decade. What should we know
  • A New Dimension. Why learning augmented reality today is crucial
  • Practical use of augmented reality in business. Showcase and impact on the markets
  • Who is the audience of AR products? How do you know if the business audience needs it?
  • Myths about augmented reality and immersive technologies in general
  • Is AR a competitive advantage or fundamentally new opportunities?
  • What does a company or a specialist need to know today to take full advantage of the Metaverse?
  • What skills are becoming necessary and where to get them?
  • Numbers, industries and forecasts
  • Bring your questions!
    The webinar will be followed by a live Q&A session.
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All attendees'll receive the presentation
coupon code with a discount We'll send you the presentation after the webinar. Video of the webinar will be available on our YouTube channel.
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