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New plugin on MyWebAR - Holograms

Holograms offer a wide range of opportunities and benefits across various domains, including entertainment, advertising, education, medicine, security, and more.

Consider the immense possibilities that holograms bring to the field of education. Teachers, coaches, and students can now personally present their projects, even when utilizing traditional paper textbooks or printed reports.

The possibilities are limitless for businesses and marketing endeavors: hologram business cards, project presentations, flyers, promotional materials, and countless other ideas.

We envision a future where expert columns in top media outlets will be presented not just through written words but as dynamic holograms, incorporating the author's emotions and emphases.

Why not personally congratulate a friend on their birthday and even serenade them with a song? With our platform, your hologram can be recorded with sound!

We also revolutionize the way voice messages are experienced. Listening to your friends' stories through holograms is far more captivating than dull audio messages.

Creating your hologram on the MyWebAR platform takes mere minutes.

It takes literally minutes to create your hologram on MyWebAR platform.

Step 1
Find and install Inception App in the App Store.

Step 2
Go to the app and sign in with your MyWebAR account information.

Step 3
Open the app. Click the Next button.

Step 4
Did you activate the front camera? Now tap the Tap to Record a Hologram icon and record your video.

Step 5
Recorded? Now it's time to tap the Connect button.

Step 6
Select the type of AR experience you would like to create: AR on a QR code or AR in the Real World.

Step 7
Save your project and the QR code you were offered.
Done! Your AR project with hologram is ready for use.

Please note that your project is automatically saved on our platform, allowing you to enhance it with text, music, emojis, and icons that link to your social media profiles — anything you desire.

Do you appreciate how easy and fast it is to create a hologram on the MyWebAR platform? We look forward to seeing your new projects!
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