Devar Launches 'Zoom' in AR

Devar is poised to launch a groundbreaking conference platform, heralding a new era for virtual meetings. This state-of-the-art platform seamlessly conducts video calls in augmented reality mode and integrates with the AR content creation platform, MyWebAR. Users can anticipate immersive interactions with AR content through online streaming, fostering seamless communication.

Advantages of the Devar AR Conference Platform:

Collaborative Project Work: Say goodbye to the hassle of exchanging 3D content files. Participants can now engage in real-time collaborative work on shared content, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
Online Broadcasting and Webinars: The platform allows for online broadcasting in augmented reality to a large number of participants. Attendees not only become spectators but also active participants, interacting with AR objects.
Evolution of Online Meetings: In its next stage of development, the Devar conference platform will introduce holograms to online streaming, promising fully immersive and engaging virtual meetings.

Target Audience:

Business: Perfect for presentations, project discussions, showcasing complex mechanisms, and more.
Education: Potentially all dimensional models and figures can be utilized in augmented reality, even as physical objects. New possibilities emerge for lectures in medical institutions.
Art Projects: Facilitates immersive exhibitions, virtual spaces, online interactions with artists, and presentations of volumetric art projects.

Watch the Devar AR Conference Platform in Action:
The DEVAR team is actively implementing this new format within internal meetings, testing the beta version. Currently refining the user interface and enhancing functionality, Devar plans to release the initial version of the platform based on MyWebAR in the near future. The use of the new AR conference platform will initially require smartphones or tablets, with future plans to extend accessibility through specialized AR glasses.

Andrey Komissarov, Founder and CTO of DEVAR, comments:
"The new Devar communication platform represents a cloud-based tool for conducting conferences in augmented reality. Our solution raises the bar for familiar platforms such as Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams: combining online broadcasting capabilities with immersive technologies. Devar has been working with AR since 2015, and we understand the power of immersive technologies for addressing various business challenges. Devar serves as a bridge to bring immersive technologies to traditional companies."

Stay tuned for a revolutionary shift in virtual communication.
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