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DEVAR Presents the Unity Extension!

We feel much better and more confident in familiar surroundings. It's an undeniable fact. Even the most demanding work suddenly becomes less complicated and the atmosphere is filled with ease and familiar comfort.

Something familiar gives our brain a little break from the hard work of processing the thousands of data coming from all our senses. This applies to everything: our choice of route, our food preferences, the genre of books we read and our favorite clothes. It also applies to programmes, of course. Sometimes we find it hard to say goodbye to the old design, let alone move to completely new platforms and applications!

Then we say four important words: We have integrated Unity.

It is now possible to add the Unity extensions. It will help you to transfer an AR project created on Unity to the DEVAR (MyWebAR) platform.

How it works:

  • Create an AR project in Unity.
  • You prepare the files for transfer to DEVAR (MyWebAR).

Here are the formats and files you can use:
  • Go to the DEVAR (MyWebAR) platform, create a new project and look on the left for the panel with the Extensions button.
  • Install the Unity extension.
  • Download the files. Check the maximum size and make sure that your files are within this limit.

We want you to continue working at your own pace. Bring your ideas to life, introduce people to AR technology, and we'll make sure they're just a few clicks away.

Try the Unity extension now!

Best regards,
DEVAR (MyWebAR) Team