Where Businesses Are Losing 30% and How to Fix It

No matter who you are ― whether you own a restaurant, a coffee shop, a household chemical company, a publishing house, or you're an artist ― it's a fact that your business is losing money. It's hard to accept, but it's the reality.

Let's explore the reasons behind this loss

For instance, if you own a coffee shop or a pizzeria where most orders are for takeout, some customers may visit your website or app to make their purchases. You have information about these customers, allowing you to run retargeting campaigns, send promotions, and collect feedback.
However, there are also customers who order from delivery services, and these customers are like hidden gems to you. You have no knowledge of who they are or how to encourage them to make repeat purchases.
Similarly, if you manufacture shoes, cosmetics, or chocolate, you probably have social media accounts and a personal website where customers can buy your products. You might believe that you know your customers, but the truth is that you only have knowledge about a portion of your audience: those who purchase directly from your website or enroll in your loyalty program.
The issue is that regardless of the industry you're in ― whether it's selling appliances, food, furniture, books, or knitwear ― everyone faces the same problem. You might believe that you know your customers, but the truth is that you only have knowledge about a portion of your audience: those who purchase directly from your website or enroll in your loyalty program.
As for all the other customers who order through different marketplaces, delivery services, or even buy your products offline, you have no idea who they are. They come and go, and you can't manage their loyalty or retarget them. In other words, you are constantly losing 30% or more of your customers.
But here's the good news: you don't have to forget about them or consider them inaccessible to you.
Using Augmented Reality (AR) can be a great solution for your business.
Now, before you roll your eyes and dismiss Augmented Reality as just a form of entertainment and attention-grabbing, think again. AR can do more than entertain or surprise your audience. It can also digitize them and launch retargeting campaigns. In fact, launching an AR scene is like clicking on your website. Once the user activates the AR content on their smartphone or tablet, they are captured in your database.

So, how does it work? It's simple!

All you need to do is place a QR code on the packaging of your product or directly on the product itself if it's a book or card. There's no need to develop a separate application. With our no-code platform DEVAR (MyWebAR), you can create an AR scene directly on the web. Isn't that cool? But that's not all.
You don't need to change the design of your packaging in any special way. Just add a QR code with a catchy caption. Even if you already have a large print run, that's not a problem either. Many of our customers simply print the QR code separately as a sticker and apply it to the finished packaging or product.

So, you have a QR code. What's next?

Next, your mystery customers scan the QR code and launch the AR scenes. While they enjoy the content, you enjoy having their data sent directly to you. And now you can enrich your database, launch retargeting campaigns, and more.
Furthermore, you can use a single QR code to launch different AR scenes and fill them with themed content, such as holidays, promotions, or sales. This is more convenient than creating themed packs every time, like Christmas packs, which often become outdated and don't sell quickly.
Augmented reality can be brought to life in various ways. You can incorporate it into greeting cards, calendars, books, menus, pizza boxes, takeout coffee cups, or pasta boxes. Simply add a QR code to any package, business card, or gift bag. Remember, every user interaction with augmented reality is equivalent to a visitor to your website.
By leveraging Augmented Reality and QR codes, you can bridge the gap between your offline and online customers, capture valuable data, and make informed decisions to enhance customer loyalty and boost your business.
Remember, losing 30% of your customers doesn't have to be the reality anymore. Fully digitize your audience and stay one step ahead.
Let us share an extraordinary example from a restaurant in Bangkok. In honor of the Sakura Festival, they organized a real interactive show using augmented reality. Augmented reality became more than just entertaining content for unique holiday menus; it became an integral part of the presentation of the dishes themselves.
Isn't it fascinating? The excitement generated by this interactive experience increased customer interest, loyalty to the brand, and expanded the customer base with each scan.
Would you like to create a similar experience?
Are you tired of losing customers and under-earning?
Start your first AR project now!
You can implement an AR project in your business in just a couple of hours using our no-code platform DEVAR (MyWebAR).
Click on mywebar.com, register, and get a free trial week.
You can either come up with your own projects or use our templates. We have ready-made solutions for almost any business, a library of 3D models, images, music, and animations, a bot assistant, and even more ideas in our blog.
To increase your profit by 10-30% next month, follow these three simple steps:
  1. Create a simple augmented reality experience using our platform DEVAR (MyWebAR).
  2. Print the QR code and attach it to your product or packaging.
  3. Analyze the results and launch retargeting campaigns.
And remember ― the future is already here. So don't be afraid to seek out and embrace new opportunities.
Best regards,
DEVAR (MyWebAR) Team
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