What's In Store For The Restaurant Industry In The Age Of The Metaverse?

The word metaverse barged into our daily lives a year ago and managed to become one of the most popular words of 2021.
And then it's all a blur—Decentraland, The Sandbox, Fortnite, Roblox, Star Atlas and many more virtual environments, metaverse real estate priced at tens of thousands of dollars, fashion shows with virtual avatars, Oculus Quest 2, HoloLens. The rapid development of the metaverse and the growing consumption of immersive tech make every business owner ask themself, "How can we be integrated into this changing world?" and "Do we have to do it?"
As the founder and CEO of a technology company working with AR for eight years, I'd like to discuss augmented reality technology from the point of view of business applicability. I have created a series of materials to share in-depth experiences, inspiring examples and useful insights in the spheres where the application of augmented reality is not so obvious at this point. - Anna Belova
Let's discover the list of existing ideas, projects and possibilities that we may see in three, five or 10 years in the hopes of giving inspiration to daring restaurant owners.

Experiences That Can Be Launched Today

It is not necessary to wait for the launch of mass production of augmented reality glasses in order to realize these ideas. The possibilities of modern smartphones allow you to run AR wherever there is internet. You can use thousands of apps with AR or create your own projects.
• Interactive AR Menu: Modern restaurants can surprise their customers with an AR menu. The menu can be easily translated into any language. Meals on the menu can be previewed life-size in 3-D, and customers may see them from every angle or even break them down into individual ingredients.

• AR Nutritionist: With this feature, the customers can not only be delighted to see their meal before they order it but also learn about its ingredients, nutrients and allergy warnings.

• AR Assistant: A 3-D model of a waiter, chef or restaurant mascot will come to life in front of your customers to present them with the meals on the menu and help them pick something to their taste.
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