Tune In and Immerse Yourself In the Spatial Sound

There have been a few additions to our Extension Store that might have gone unnoticed. We just got so carried away playing with all these incredible new features that we forgot to tell you about them. But let us assure you, they're all ready for action and we'll make sure to introduce them to you one by one!
Meet Spatial Sound!
Spatial Sound is a technology that allows you to create immersive effects that adapt to your position in space. The volume and tone of the sound changes depending on your position relative to the sound source.
You can create a sound that seems farther or closer, higher or lower, as if it's coming from a specific object or location, just like in the real world. Design beautiful soundscapes to create fully immersive augmented reality experiences!
Add this extension to your augmented reality project, specify the sound source ― an object on the scene or a point in space ― upload a sound and save your project. Done! Now you and your users can enjoy realistic and adaptive sound effects.
There are many use cases for the Spatial Sound extension. In game projects it will help to immerse the user in the environment and create a special sense of place. It will also help to create the effect of music playing around the user. This would be a great find for augmented reality portals and other world effects. Imagine finding yourself in the middle of a carnival or hearing the sound of fireworks above your head! Now it's possible.
The phygital world is evolving in your hands and we are happy to give you new tools to shape it. Create, experiment and be heard! Be part of our Metaverse.
Make some noise with your projects using the Spatial Sound Extension! Try it right now :)
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Best regards,
DEVAR (MyWebAR) Team
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