The Real Potential of Augmented Reality

The Real Potential of Augmented Reality

Perhaps you have already heard about the 8th Wall acquisition by Niantic. This news shows the changes that are taking place in the augmented reality industry: the market becomes even larger, platforms are expanding, providing different opportunities for professional developers.

The AR market is much wider than it might even seem at the moment. Vectors of its development include industrial solutions, services for professionals, platforms for companies and users without coding skills. That is why we have combined more than 60 own technologies and created a no-code platform MyWebAR based on it. The easy-to-use platform opens doors to the worlds of Metaverse and Phygital for all companies, regardless of whether they have professional programmers in their teams.

In the year since the launch, MyWebAR platform has been used to create over 30,000 web apps including thousands of experiences for top brands such as McDonald's, Alpura, Colgate, Panini and so on. We observe 30-40% monthly growth of AR projects, which certainly shows the growing demand and expansion of the augmented reality market as a whole.

In addition, we are especially proud of 200+ universities (such as Duke University, Yale University, University of Arts, University of Sydney) and thousands of schools, to which we provide our platform for free for the integration of augmented reality into the learning process.
Video: Example of AR possibilities by MyWebAR

Smart Solution For The Business

Only 3 steps till AR experience. Creations are available for everyone because MyWebAR supports billions of devices globally including 5 billion smartphones across iOS and Android as well as computers and AR/VR headsets.

But the most exciting thing is our clients' cases. We can't talk about all the successful cases, but we want to tell you that MyWebAR platform enabled our users to create their own business: from immersive packaging, 3D animated childrens' books to innovative clothing brands. All these businesses are based on augmented reality. Our customers create brand new products that stand out instantly. It leads to better retention of information and helps them to make the decision in favor of the product. They also feel a stronger emotional connection to brands that use AR. Brands are building the future and we're very happy to be with them.

We strongly believe that the development of the AR industry will provide opportunities for everyone to become part of it. And our role in it is to become a bridge between the new worlds of Metaverse and Phygital and companies that can now enter there easily.
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