Petro Aesthetics and the biggest AR Art powered by MyWebAR

Big city, noisy highway, the abstract forms and details in touch of modern street art. All incompatible details come together with Petro Aesthetics in his biography's biggest Digital Street Art project.
Petro, one of the most famous representatives of the 'street wave' art movement, has been painting on walls for more than 20 years. Petro's eclectic style is built on a combination of various fields of applied art and architecture. Moving on from font compositions over time, Petro has concentrated on geometric abstraction.
The biggest digital Art project becomes a part of the local street art festival "Spot Project". The art project was done on the facade of a 9-story building near noisy streets. Regarding Petro, work was like a "mirror" of this space, reflecting all the visual and auditory noise of the neighborhood.
New Mixed Art project, by connecting classic street art with augmented reality. The size of the building is 570 sq.m., Art was created using spray paint.
"It is probably one of the most difficult jobs of this scale that I have ever done: the process took almost two weeks, I worked from various truck lifts in heat above 30 degrees and next to a very noisy highway that runs in front of the house" - Petro Aesthetics
Now, in front of the facade, there is a sign with a description and a QR code, so every passerby can see an animated version of the work on a scale with the camera of his gadget.

Bring Art to Life at Home

Mixed Art now is available for everyone in the world. The final stage of this project is a circulating picture of the mural, created on the facade of an apartment building. The mural was created with the idea, that almost every person can bring this Art project to life.
The poster is not only an atmospheric shot from a drone but also a poster with an augmented reality function: with the help of the QR-code and the gadget camera you can see an animated version of the work.
The augmented reality part, animation, and technical support of the project were made by the MyWebAR team under the head of Max Knez.
"Mywebar has amazing tracking that allows you to bring such difficult-to-scan objects to life. I hope our example will motivate other creators to saturate the real world with their digital masterpieces." - Max Knz
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