New in MyWebAR: Sketchfab Integration

We are happy to announce our integration with Sketchfab! Now, all MyWebAR users can easily import 3D models directly into the platform.

MyWebAR users can browse and select from all of Sketchfab's freely available Creative Commons-licensed models as well as any models that they have purchased from the Sketchfab Store. Artist attribution for Creative Commons-licensed models is handled automatically, accessible via a Sketchfab logo overlaid on the output WebAR experience.

How to add Sketchfab models to your project on MyWebAR
Only 5 steps to do:
  1. Sign in to your account at,
  2. Add a new project and select the type of tracking,
  3. Press the "3D models" button,
  4. Activate your Sketchfab account,
  5. Select any of the available models right on MyWebAR!

Sketchfab is the leading platform for 3D & AR on the web. Over 5 million 3D artists are available on MyWebAR for your projects! Get started with one idea, choose any of the 3D models and share your experience with others!
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