New in MyWebAR: Occlusion Plugins

Create more immersive content, try occlusion plugins for your projects!
Install all 4 new plugins by adding it on your dashboard panel. "Occlusion" is the ability to hide virtual objects behind real things in augmented reality. The goal of occlusion in AR work is to preserve the rules of line-of-sight when creating AR scenes.
Use plugins for cylinders, cubes, spheres or cones.
Need more information? Check our Tutorial and create right now!
Only 5 steps to create:
1. Sign-in into your account on,
2. Choose the type of tracking,
3. Import 3D models to your project,
4. Add Occlusion plugin,
5. Publish your project.
Now you can scan, download and share your project with everyone!
Want to show your AR projects to the world? Send them to us on! We are always happy to announce our creators' projects on our accounts!
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