New in MyWebAR: Improved World Tracking Technology

Meet the new and improved technology that allows you to place AR objects in the real world with increased stability and universal scaling and rotation gestures.

What's changed:

Improved stability
Now world-based AR experiences are better attached to their placement position and much more stable on all smartphones and other camera-enabled devices.
Move AR objects
Move your scene with one click. Just tap on the area you want to move your content to.
Rotate AR objects
Rotate augmented reality objects by holding two fingers on the screen and moving them clockwise or counterclockwise.
Scale AR objects
Easily resize all objects right on your scene with a pinch gesture to increase or decrease.

How to migrate your previous world-based experiences to take advantage of the new technology?

  1. Log in to your account and open the AR experience you want to migrate to the new technology. Click on the arrows button in the top bar of the editor and click 'Export Project'. After the export is finished a .json file will be downloaded to your computer. This file contains the contents of your AR experience;
  2. Go into the project settings (1) of the AR experience you've just exported and change its URL (2) to something different. It doesn't matter what address you use, you just need to free the old one, so that you can use it on the new account. Save (3) & Publish (4) to make the changes live;
  3. Now create a new project and select the World Tracking for it. Go into the project settings of the experience you've just created and change its URL to the one you initially printed on the calendars. Don't forget to click on Save and Publish;
  4. Click on the arrows icon in the top bar of the Editor and click on the Import Project and select the .json file you've previously exported. Save & Publish!
Want to show your AR projects to the world? Send them to us at! We are always happy to announce our creators' work on our accounts!
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