New in MyWebAR: Curved Image Tracking

In this feature we update new type of tracking for all users, for displaying virtual content on cups, cans, bottles and other cylinders.

Curved Image Tracking

MyWebAR allows you to create different augmented reality projects based on their types of tracking, including QR code tracking, image tracking, world tracking and SLAM. Now we add one more type of tracking - curved image tracking.
Create augmented reality projects by using cylinders. Augmented reality content will be displayed over a custom image around, behind or on the front of the cylinder. Selecting this project type will prompt you to upload the target image file which is your bottle label or just extended cylinder form.

MyWebAR Tutorial

Have an idea for your business by using cylinders? Check our new tutorial. In this video, we will create an augmented reality project for the cup by using the cylinder on the MyWebAR platform.
Only 5 steps to create:
1. Sign-in into your account on,
2. Choose curved image tracking and add an image from your library (label or extended cylinder form),
3. Add 3D models to your project (don't forget to convert all files to GLB format),
4. Rotate, scale, and take a position for all details,
5. Publish your project.
Now you can scan, download and share your project with everyone!
By the way! If you have any questions, suggestions or want to share your projects with us, please feel free to contact us by!
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