New in MyWebAR: 6 New Categories of 3D Models

Add more possibilities to your AR projects with new 3D models from MyWebAR library. Check 6 new categories! The only limit to what you can do is your creativity.

Create fun experiences and memorable brand interactions with webAR. Use new 3D models in MyWebAR library right now!

Choose from 6 new categories:
  1. Education,
  2. Fashion & Beauty,
  3. Hobbies,
  4. Holidays,
  5. Home & Furniture,
  6. Technology.
Only 4 steps to create:
  1. Log in at,
  2. Select the type of tracking,
  3. Choose new 3D models from MyWebAR Library,
  4. Share your experience!

Want to show your AR projects to the world? Send them to us at! We are always happy to announce our creators' projects on our accounts!
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