MyWebAR x Petro Aesthetics

What happens when you combine street art with augmented reality?

The picture will come alive and will literally drag the viewer into his space. At International Museums day let us introduce an international work 'Conflict'. The picture in the arch of the Museum of Modern Art was painted by one of the most famous street art painters Petro Aesthetics.

Petro, one of the most famous representatives of the 'street wave' art movement, has been painting on walls for more than 20 years. Petro's eclectic style is built on a combination of various fields of applied art and architecture. Moving on from font compositions over time, Petro has concentrated on geometric abstraction. The artist takes part in major festivals, exhibitions and projects.
The augmented reality part of the project was made by the MyWebAR team. Chaotic movement of all elements of work, music - the viewer is immersed in the work without being noticed. The work is implemented within the framework of the ARCA project initiated by the Foundation Ruarts.

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