Unusual Application of AR
in the Restaurant Business: A Project on the Edge of Art

AR in Restaurants: It is not uncommon to encounter augmented reality in restaurants, such as interactive menus or coloring books in the children's area. However, today we would like to share a completely new way of using AR in the restaurant industry. It is an amazing case study intertwined with art, and we are excited to tell you about it!

Context: This story took place a year ago in Bangkok, in honor of the Sakura Festival. Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel invited its guests to experience the thrilling adventure of viewing 3D art using augmented reality technology. For nearly a month, diners at Tenshino Restaurant indulged in exquisite Japanese dishes while visually interacting with nature, art, and Japanese culture through an AR-assisted virtual journey across Japan.

AR Experience: The restaurant's chef curated a set menu featuring four exquisite Japanese dishes. Each dish was accompanied by a QR code placed on the placemat. Guests scanned the QR codes to unlock hidden AR content. Thanks to webAR technology, there was no need to download additional applications - a smartphone with internet access was all that was required. The AR artworks were skillfully crafted by renowned Thai designer and illustrator Pichaya Osotcharoenpol (also known as Pichaya O). Guests captured videos and photos of their AR experiences, which they enthusiastically shared on social media.

Special Feature: We were pleasantly surprised by the masterful fusion of food and AR content achieved by the organizers. The artfully decorated dishes and their presentation seamlessly extended the visual narrative guests experienced in augmented reality. Restaurants often strive to create unique concepts for serving dishes, turning it into a captivating show (hello, food bloggers and their beautifully curated social media posts!). In this case, the augmented reality scenes elevated the serving concept to an entirely new level.

Creating a Special Atmosphere: Guests visit restaurants not only for the delectable food but also for the distinctive ambiance and novel experiences. Tenshino Restaurant paid careful attention to this aspect, which earned them rave reviews in the media and numerous mentions on social networks from delighted customers.

For Those Willing to Experiment: Here are a few additional tips for the restaurant business that you may not be aware of:

  • Think in terms of project-based initiatives with deadlines. You can explore introducing a new seasonal menu, innovative dishes, or even new spaces, such as opening a summer terrace.
  • AR projects can be modified and expanded during the process. Embrace experimentation and surprise your guests, even on a daily basis. Printed QR codes for AR activation can work with new content seamlessly.
  • Embrace the latest innovations in AR, such as utilizing webAR technology instead of standalone apps, providing guests with a glimpse into a virtual portal (a fantastic idea for showcasing new spaces), leveraging the "multiscene" option to bring multiple menu pages to life without reloading the browser, or utilizing the incredible stencil plugin where a single object (such as a dish) can transform into six variations simultaneously — an absolute hit with children when selecting their desserts.
  • Explore AR experiences on monitors. Augmented reality can be viewed through screens, such as monitors, computers, street electronic signs, billboards, and other media.
Anna Belova, Founder and CEO of Devar, shares her thoughts: "Augmented reality has the power to give familiar things new properties. When it converges with art, it becomes an extraordinary experience. Our lives revolve around emotions, and emotions shape memories. Each new experience creates impressions for individuals, and for businesses, these impressions foster high levels of brand loyalty. This case study, in my opinion, represents an incredible blend of technology's best applications—a harmonious fusion of experiences, art, and imagination. As an entrepreneur, I am absolutely thrilled that this has been realized on our AR creation platform. In fact, it serves as a direct reflection of our goals in creating this platform—the synergy of immersive technology and user experience to enhance the world around us."

Summary: If you have yet to explore AR, we highly recommend incorporating this technology into your business today. We regularly share case studies on our social media pages, and our website's Learn page features an abundance of user experiences and tutorials. Our support team is always available to assist you and address any questions you may have. We eagerly anticipate witnessing your own AR projects and are delighted to share their stories!
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