Meet the New Interface of MyWebAR

Welcome to the new MyWebAR - the 'Canva' for AR. Check all new features for your future AR creations!


Create projects with different types of tracking: QR code, Image tracking, Curved Image tracking for cylinders, World tracking, and SLAM.
Tips: Use Multiscene option to combine several image tracking projects into one to recognize multiple images using the same camera


3D Models. Use Sketchfab integration and 1000+ simple and animated 3D models from the MyWebAR library. Also, add your models as GLB, FBX, and DAE files.
Image library. Use colorful stickers, cartoon images of animals, characters, and more or add yours as JPG, JPEG, PNG, or GIF files.
Video library. Use branded green screen videos in 6+ categories for your projects or add yours as MP4, MOV, M4V, and AVI files.
Sound library. Try unique sounds in 15+ categories or add yours as MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV, and AGG files.


Do more with MyWebAR using extensions built by our team and other users. Try all of them: Ready Player Me, Head Avatar, Bloom Effect, Spine Animations (Beta), Curved Video, Room Model or Occlusion (cone, cube, sphere, cylinder)


Use custom splash screens, domains, logos, loader animations and webAR URLs to create a white label solution instantly available in web browsers.


Keep track of the performance of your AR experiences and get insights about your audience. Check sum of the scans, average time on the projects page, audience geography and more.


Unleash the full potential of webAR with the PRO editor mode allowing you to create complex interactions, scripted animations and even augmented reality games.


Watch video tutorials, explore documentation, or start a discussion on the community forum. Join our free live webinars every month. Learn about the latest updates, new features, practices and case studies. Read new articles about the industry.
Want to show your AR projects to the world? Send them to us on! We are always happy to announce our creators' projects on our accounts!
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