How Will The Metaverse Change The Publishing Market?

It is relentless and inevitable that our world will change. These changes can please us, scare us, inspire us and surprise us. But they will still happen no matter our reaction. For change is like the elements—that is, it's not subject to human will.

Take books, for example. The earliest complete printed book was published in 868. Since then, more than a thousand years have passed, but the essence and purpose of books have not changed.

Famous Argentine poet and novelist Jorge Luis Borges was convinced that "books will never disappear. It is impossible for it to happen. Of all man's diverse tools, undoubtedly the most astounding are his books." But is this statement true now in the era of the metaverse, digital realities and artificial intelligence? Let's try to find out.

From Digital To Phygital

Change is already happening with the books. According to a Pew Research poll conducted in 2021, print books remain the most popular format for reading, with about 65% of adults choosing them. However, researchers have noticed that the pattern of book consumption is beginning to change. About 81% of people said they read a book in any format, and the level of interaction with e-books is slowly but steadily increasing.

Books Of The Future And Their Value

In the end, digital technology does not kill books. On the contrary, it only makes them more accessible.

Auditory learners will be able to listen to books, and kinesthetic learners will be able to feel them. Digital text as a whole allows us to better understand and assimilate information than ever before. So while books won't disappear, they will inevitably change and reflect the current era. Over time, I believe they will become more visual and comprehensible, allowing a deeper dive into worlds and giving readers new ways to experience stories.

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