DEVAR Announced the First in the World Practical Course on Immersive Technologies 'Project 2084'

DEVAR - 'Canva' for augmented reality announced first in the world practical course on immersive technologies called Project 2084
Many people are familiar with AR entertainment applications, but augmented reality is being applied in far more consequential ways in business. Organizations are already implementing it in product development, manufacturing, logistics, marketing, service, and training—and are seeing major gains in quality and productivity. Time for every company and entrepreneur to work with the augmented reality tool.

About the Course

Project 2084 includes one month of online training with new lessons every week (more than 30 lessons and tasks), everything about AR technology and its market, networking in the community of like-minded people and free access to MyWebAR platform.
In final, every student will create a portfolio of AR cases and a certificate from the technology developer. Also, this course on the practical application of augmented reality in business will teach how to increase sales and customer engagement.
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Course Content

This course includes not only theoretical lessons about augmented reality technology, the philosophy of AR products, and tips from AR experts but practical lessons too.
Students will learn how to work with different types of tracking (Image tracking, Cylinder tracking, or Real-World), and how to create digital avatars and use them in the real life.

Who This Course is For

Build a portfolio with cases for marketing, business, social networks and more, no matter who you are: Business Owner or Director, Project Manager, Marketing Manager, Blogger, Creator or Designer or just want to learn AR for you!


DEVAR is the leading Phygital company with more than 150 partners all over the world. Augmented reality products are sold in more than 60 countries and translated into 25 languages.
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