DEVAR Announced the First in the World Practical Course on Immersive Technologies 'Project 2084'

DEVAR - 'Canva' for augmented reality announced first in the world practical course on immersive technologies called Project 2084

Many people are familiar with AR entertainment applications, but augmented reality is being applied in far more consequential ways in business. Organizations are already implementing it in product development, manufacturing, logistics, marketing, service, and training—and are seeing major gains in quality and productivity. Time for every company and entrepreneur to work with the augmented reality tool.

About the Course Project 2084 includes one month of online training with new lessons every week (more than 30 lessons and tasks), everything about AR technology and its market, networking in the community of like-minded people and free access to MyWebAR platform.

In final, every student will create a portfolio of AR cases and a certificate from the technology developer. Also, this course on the practical application of augmented reality in business will teach how to increase sales and customer engagement.

BONUS! It's the only course in the world made with augmented reality. Tap to try!
And we are happy to be a part of the change. Just 3 years ago, creating products with AR was expensive and time-consuming. DEVAR could take half a year to prepare books with their own development and editorial staff. By launching the MyWebAR service, we made it possible to create an augmented reality product in literally one day and several times cheaper. And most importantly, we gave everyone — from students and teachers to companies that create AR for their clients — the opportunity.

Interestingly, the launch of the first version of MyWebAR coincided with the March 2020 pandemic, when teachers around the world were first confronted with the need to teach online. In all countries there were absolutely similar problems: how to involve children in the learning process, how to make the material useful and effective? Demonstration of materials in augmented reality format became the «magic key» to the child — concentration, motivation to learn, understanding and memorization of the material increased.

For the teachers themselves, the use of ultramodern technology is an opportunity to raise their own authority and surprise their children. And it worked. DEVAR has developed a special subscription plan for educational institutions and now has educational institutions from at least 60 countries on board.

Just imagine, only 10 months since the launch — and our service is used in most countries of the world. We are constantly extending the functionality of MyWebAR, and updating the platform almost every month. Now it is possible to create complex interactions, scripted animations, and even games with augmented reality. And all of this, let me remind you, works in an ordinary web browser. Augmented reality is becoming available to everyone.

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