DEVAR Announced the First in the Industry 3D Object Tracking for the Web for Monotone Objects

DEVAR - the 'Canva' for augmented reality announced first in the industry 3D object tracking for the web for monotone objects available at MyWebAR platform.
3D object tracking is the special type of tracking for 3D models without pronounced texture elements, but at the same time with the relief shape of the model.
Now users can increase the range of models for tracking. Object identification follows the contour, the main value is the shape of the object and its boundary. Also, the model should be asymmetrical and complex in shape.
For 3D object tracking, you need only a 3D model of your product in obj format, in an optimal size of 5-10 MB. Also, it is going to be available for all MyWebAR users. - says CTO of DEVAR & MyWebAR Andrey Komissarov.
This type of tracking will support all functions of MyWebAR: plugins, Sketchfab integration, sounds and videos, photos, and more.
A new type of tracking on the web will easily change all industries. For example, the game industry can use it as a 'look-changer' for toys, it also helps 3D painters to share the final projects with textures on them, and turn guidelines to another level.
A technical tracking test is underway, stay tuned together at
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