Augmented Reality Trends 2023

Augmented reality is coming to customers' lives faster than we think. By 2022, over 1 billion people are using AR on mobile devices, and by 2024 the number will increase to 2 billion. But already today, 5 billion people have devices capable of using AR. Let's talk about augmented reality trends and predictions in 2023.

Breaking Myths

AR Glasses: Finally Accessible?

Yes, we finally have normal, stylish, and comfortable #AR glasses on the market! More than 500+ models are available for customers, my favorite one is Magic Leap. It's time to forget about big glasses with endless cables.

Smartphones: Check Your Cameras

If you are still thinking that the AR experience will be popular only after all people will buy special glasses… you are super wrong. The best and most accessible instrument is a smartphone. Just check how many cameras you have on your phone: this is an answer to how powerful AR projects can be.

Audio: It's Not Only About 3D Models

Spatial audio becomes the default listening experience creating the necessary foundation for its use in AR. Also, it was touted as the "next revolution in audio" and "the soundtrack of the metaverse" in many reports, and it's true: projects with his type of audio are perceived by users much better.

Cross-Platform Tools

Don't think that if you want to catch all attention of your customer you should have a lot's marketing instruments used. Cross-platform development tools enable immersive content to be built once and deployed across smartphones, computers, headsets, and other devices. Now, developers, have much more devices than ever to reach and engage users with content.

Metaverse: Hype or Not?

Not :) 2022 was a big year for the "metaverse", more than 200 brands built their Metaverses, so 2023 will be the year of exploring all those new Web 3.0 platforms.

No-Code: AR Tools Available For Everyone Now?

Now developers and creators had access to more advanced tools to create complex and contextual AR experiences, but at the same time, absolutely all users can create AR today. No-code tools are popular not only in Web 3.0 industry, all of us know how Canva, Figma, or Notion works.
Practical Usability

Augmented Reality Ads

Show your product wherever your customer is, just give him the QR code or the link. Use AR for your outdoor ads: make mascots coming right from the banners.
Augmented Reality Packaging

Show your product before your customer will open it, or add special effects as 3D models with animations to your packaging, to make a WOW effect
360 World AR

Immerse your client in a new digital world, create an AR portal.
Digital Avatars

Pump your personal brand with a digital copy of you. Add it to your business card, banner or special magazine.
Augmented Reality Events

Create an unexpected performance with AR, such as a concert, live paintings, or just fun animations for welcoming guests.
Immersive Education

Mix classic learning with augmented reality and show difficult things in an easier way. Create books with 3D models, special animations for them, or just lessons totally in AR.
Augmented reality technology is on the cusp of a major breakthrough and is predicted to be a major trend in 2023. With the rapid growth of hardware, software and applications, augmented reality is becoming increasingly available and affordable, creating opportunities for businesses and consumers alike. The potential for new products, improved customer experiences and increased efficiency are undeniable, and the possibilities are endless. With the right investments, augmented reality can continue to grow and become the new norm in the near future.
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