Are You Hesitant to Use AR Technology? Here's Why You Need to Jump on It Now

Many people are still hesitant to use augmented reality.
Why? Let's figure it out together.
In the digital world, there are many things that are successful right now, but literally 3-5-10 years from now, we will no longer be able to imagine our lives without them. As the founder and CEO of a technology company, I would like to talk today about augmented reality (AR) technology.
According to Statista, over 1 billion people use AR on mobile devices in 2022, set to increase to 2 billion by 2024. But we are sure that today there are 5 billion people who have the capability to use AR on their smartphones.
In short, if you're a realist, it's time to set sail now. However, many are still hesitant to use AR everywhere. Why? Let's figure it out together.
Experts believe that for AR to be a real success, it is not enough to have a single case of its mass use. First of all, it is necessary to build a real ecosystem around the technology. We need new products and platforms, companies, and most importantly, specialists.
Few people believed that the internet would be preferred to television and that a subscription system would be preferred to a one-time purchase, but it happened. And that's because someone prepared for success in advance. Created their blue ocean. Set the sails in advance. Do you see what I mean?
Now, AR is already shining on the market, but an important event for the entire tech world looms on the horizon: the long-awaited release of AR glasses. Giants such as Apple and Samsung are planning their release as early as 2023, and with them, the Quest ecosystem from Meta is actively developing. Additionally, Sony and HTC are planning updates for their mixed-reality glasses.
Many corporations are optimists. They are waiting for a tailwind. More precisely, the release of AR glasses and more powerful equipment for the implementation of AR projects. Well, they may be right in their own way, but now imagine that those long-awaited AR glasses are already in your hands. What will you do with them?
Most admit that they are more likely to just twirl the glasses in their hands, try them on a couple of times and then just put them away for a long time. That's because they don't have a user behavior pattern. So, no need to wait for the wind, grab the sail and set it now. After all, AR exists not only in rare expensive gadgets but also in your personal smartphone. If for some reason you think that AR is out of your way and that such behavioral patterns have nothing to do with you, then let's look at AR from the other side.
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