20 Tips for Using AR
in the Packaging

Packaging is a powerful tool for promoting and engaging with consumers. It can help build brand recognition, enable closer examination of a product before a final decision is made, and simply grab attention.
To fully realize the potential of packaging, Augmented Reality (AR) technology can be incorporated. This not only provides a better understanding of the target audience and facilitates retargeting through Marketing Tools but also captures attention, provides a new and memorable experience, increases brand awareness and loyalty, and boosts social media presence through emotional and engaging content.
By integrating AR into packaging, brands can create interactive experiences that go beyond traditional advertising. For example, when a customer scans a product's packaging with their smartphone, they can unlock additional information, videos, or games related to the product. This not only engages the consumer on a deeper level but also provides an opportunity for the brand to showcase its unique selling points and create a memorable impression.
AR packaging can also serve as a platform for social media campaigns. By encouraging customers to share their AR experiences on social platforms, brands can generate user-generated content and increase their online visibility. This can be further enhanced by incorporating incentives such as competitions or rewards for sharing and engaging with the AR content.
In short, the use of AR technology is the future that allows brands to stay ahead of the curve and create unique and immersive experiences that resonate with their target audience.
We have already provided you with 10 tips for Using AR in the Restaurant Industry. However, the possibilities for creativity and innovation in packaging are truly endless. That's why our team at DEVAR (MyWebAR) has come up with a whopping 20 tips!
We sincerely hope that these tips will help you start something new, improve your current strategies, and simply inspire creativity and the exploration of new possibilities for your brand.

Food and Beverage

Writing recipes on food packaging is almost a tradition. It is extremely useful, by the way! But what if we enhance this experience and turn interacting with the packaging into a real cooking lesson?
  • Recipes and Cooking Tips: Users can scan the packaging to access step-by-step cooking instructions, ingredient substitutions, and nutritional information.
  • Tips for Beverages: Wine pairing suggestions or cocktail recipes that enhance the culinary experience.


Coffee lovers know that there is nothing more enjoyable than a refreshing cup of their favorite coffee drink before work. Make this morning ritual even more appealing!
  • Motivational Phrases: Imagine that you take a cup of coffee, and a magical phrase appears on its surface, uplifting your mood and motivating you for a successful day. For example, "Today will be a wonderful day!" or "You can achieve all your goals!"
  • Horoscopes and Daily Predictions: How about receiving your horoscope or a daily prediction directly on your coffee cup every morning? This can add a bit of mystery and interest to your morning routine.

Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers are a wonderful gift idea or a new hobby. But how can you remember all the tips from the consultant and not mix anything up? It's simple! AR tips from the manufacturer will definitely help you understand everything and make you love plants even more.
  • Plant Care: Develop AR-enabled plant packaging that provides users with care instructions, watering reminders, and growth tracking when scanned, helping them successfully nurture their plants.
  • Flower Dictionary: To facilitate the creation of bouquets, when scanning the packaging with flowers in AR, tips on successful color combinations, care tips, and the meaning of these colors can appear. Whether you want to congratulate someone, wish them good health, or confess your love, AR content in the form of prompts or a full-fledged 3D consultant will help you figure it out.


Many furniture items are sold unassembled, and their packaging often has a simple design. However, there is an idea to provide customers with the opportunity for a virtual product experience before making a purchase.
  • Product Demonstrations: Scanning the packaging of a furniture item could allow users to see how it would look in their own space. This approach has the potential to significantly enhance the customer's buying experience and boost their confidence in their decision-making. It can also reduce the number of returns and exchanges, as customers will have a more accurate understanding of the product before actually buying it.

Books and Toys

The possibilities for packaging toys or books are endless! You can have a conversation with the toy before purchasing it or enjoy an engaging and captivating book trailer. However, you can further enhance this experience by transforming entertainment content into edutainment using augmented reality.
  • Educational Content: By harnessing the power of AR technology, educational content can be seamlessly incorporated into books or toy packaging and unlock a wealth of knowledge, including intriguing facts and interactive quizzes that align with the toy's theme. Moreover, this immersive experience can encompass educational videos and captivating augmented reality stories.


How often do we buy fitness products with the intention of improving ourselves, only to later have no idea what to do with them? As a result, we often shy away from similar products out of fear. But AR can easily help solve this problem.
  • Personal Trainer: Create packaging for fitness products that includes AR workouts, exercise demonstrations, or personalized training plans when scanned, motivating users to stay active.

Cosmetics and Skincare

The world of decorative and skincare cosmetics is so wide and diverse that sometimes it's difficult to make the right choice. AR content in this case can replace both a sales consultant and a skincare and makeup expert. And much more!
  • Product Demonstrations: Use AR to demonstrate how to use a product effectively. For example, on a skincare product, users can scan the packaging to see a virtual demonstration of how the product should be applied.
  • Travel Guides: Develop AR-enabled packaging for travel-related products, such as sunscreen or luggage, that provides virtual travel guides, destination recommendations, and local insights when scanned.

Even More Ideas!

Our team offered you 11 thematic tips for packaging. But that's not all! With augmented reality, you can create a plethora of other highly useful content. Here are 9 more ideas on how AR can be used in packaging.
  • AR Rewards: Offer exclusive discounts, promotions, or rewards to customers who engage with the AR elements on the packaging. This can incentivize repeat purchases and foster brand loyalty.
  • AR Testimonials: Incorporate AR testimonials on the packaging, where customers can scan the packaging to see real-life reviews and experiences from other users.
  • Interactive Surveys: Use AR to gather customer feedback by including interactive surveys on the packaging. Users can scan the packaging and provide their opinions or preferences, helping brands improve their products or services.
  • Storytelling: Bring packaging to life by incorporating AR elements that tell the brand's story or showcase the product's journey, ingredients, or manufacturing process.
  • Virtual Tours: Use AR to offer virtual tours of facilities or locations related to the product. This can provide a behind-the-scenes look at the production process or showcase the brand's heritage.
  • AR Coupons: Include AR coupons on the packaging that users can scan and redeem at the point of purchase. This can encourage repeat purchases and drive traffic to physical or online stores.
  • Gaming: Create interactive games on packaging that users can play by scanning the packaging with their smartphones. This can help engage customers and create a memorable experience.
  • Health and Safety Information: Provide AR-enabled packaging that displays important health and safety information when scanned, such as allergen warnings, expiration dates, or usage guidelines.
  • Seasonal Packaging: Implement AR elements that change dynamically based on different seasons or holidays. For example, during the holiday season, scanning the packaging could reveal a festive animation or greeting.
In conclusion, we want to encourage you to not be afraid to experiment with bold ideas. Just like our partners in Bangkok did when they created an impressive AR Sakura Festival in their restaurant.
Dream, create, inspire! And let augmented reality help you change the world and achieve incredible results.
Try creating a new AR project right now!
P.S. By the way, we at DEVAR are proud of how bold, resourceful, and creative our users are. Honestly, your achievements and ideas inspire and amaze us so much that we just can't stay silent! That's why, if you have a desire to share your AR experience and become a hero of our blog, write to hello@mywebar.com with the subject "My AR Experience" and tell your story.
Best regards,
DEVAR (MyWebAR) Team

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