1'st Week of AR Advent with MyWebAR

This year we made 4 projects for your business. These ideas are inspired by projects which users were making all year long.

Every week we will share with you one special idea and demonstrate how to use it by tutorial.
First week is inspired by the winter sales season. Every business wants to reach customers and make offers and sales more special and interactive.

Try to do it with MyWebAR Image Tracking!
Use for it our SPECIAL IDEA - winter mood assents for sales.

Only 5 steps to make your client loyal and impress all around you:
  1. Create banner about your sale,
  2. Make Image Tracking project on MyWebAR
  3. Import Special assets to your project
  4. Add QR code to the banner
  5. Print, Scan or just send banners for your customers!

Need some more instructions? Check our tutorial:
By the way! If you have any questions, suggestions or want to share your projects with us, please feel free to contact us by email: connect@mywebar.com
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