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Top 5 Augmented Reality Trends for Marketing in 2022

Augmented Reality is a game-changer for Marketing in 2022. Let's check AR trends! 

Augmented Reality is a game-changer for Marketing in 2022. From just over 500 million mobile augmented reality users worldwide in 2020, we have seen massive and continued uptake of this cutting-edge technology. In 2022, it is estimated that 1.1 billion people will use AR on their phones alone. Here are the five most important AR trends! 

AR events 

Space up upcoming events and involve maximum people. Use augmented reality for your activities. 
Nowadays, almost everyone has their digital avatars, integrate it. You can create unlimited numbers of digital avatars by using the Ready Player Me plugin in MyWebAR. Interaction with AR leads to a 94% higher conversion rate, as they feel a stronger emotional connection to brands that use AR. 

Be always in touch with your team, customers or partners. Create immersive business cards by using MyWebAR templates. 

Sustainable usage 

Unsustainable goods usage is a huge barrier that needs to be overcome if we are to achieve real progress towards sustainable consumption. One of the ways to stop unsustainable usage is to add more value to the product with AR. 
One of the best examples is AR books. Adding an interactive virtual experience allows us to stay sustainable, save money on physical toys for kids and add edutainment that people will love.

Inspire your customers with special AR messages on the products by adding a multiscene option. Let customers interact with the product right on the AR scene! 

Immersive packaging 

Today is not enough to have a good quality product. You should be seen among the other items on the shelf. AR allows being more visible even before buying the products. Add 1 small QR code to your product instead of hundreds of words about the good. Consumers who interact with a brand's augmented reality experience are 20% more likely to share their products and recommend them to others.

Surprise clients and customers with animated AR models inside the chocolate box. An immersive scene will encourage customers to share emotions about it!

Innovative Video Content

Video is the new marketing tool entering the ring, and the crowd is loving it. Add not just a simple video to your content, but create an AR video for your followers and clients. 
Data shows that four in 10 internet users follow brands they like (and consider buying from). Another 35% have watched videos made by brands. The combination of video and augmented reality will allow you to instantly win attention. 

Create a brand new Metaverse, giving the opportunity for customers to be anywhere together with the brand! 

Metaverse skills for marketers 

AR includes new instruments for marketing and this is another possibility for specialists. Knowing how to create augmented reality content without coding and sharing it with millions of people instantly gives you more points in the industry. 

MyWebAR includes more than just simple AR creations. Try to create projects with 10+ plugins such as Ready Player Me, Bloom Effect or Occlusion. Use photos or videos with segmentation. Work with 4+ types of tracking: from simple QR coding to interactive World tracking. 

Want to show your AR projects to the world? Send them to us on! We are always happy to announce our creators' projects on our accounts!
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