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LUMIA: PERFORMING LIGHT. Art Exhibition powered by MyWebAR

Place Partnership at OneRen presents: LUMIA. PERFORMING LIGHT. Join Art exhibition powered by MyWebAR.  

LUMIA: PERFORMING LIGHT is an exhibition in Paisley, Scotland. It produced as part of the doctoral research undertaken by Trent Kim (b.1981).

Trent Kim is a Korean born Scottish light artist based in Glasgow. He is a part time PhD student within the school of communication at the Royal College of Art in London and he is a full time lecturer in New Media Art at the University of the West of Scotland. He initially trained as a theatre lighting designer before expanding his creative practices onto visual music (music for eyes) and Lumia (a historical art form of performance using light as a sole medium).

Art performance, Opt. 12 Genesis. 

In this exhibition, Trent Kim explores a deeper structure of lighting that is unfamiliar to our everyday practices with light, and situates Lumia, a long forgotten art form of lighting, across its historical and contemporary contexts between performance and animation. To create this kind of installations artists can use MyWebAR and connect light elements and animation through augmented reality. Through this exhibition, Trent Kim critically seeks ways to connect history, theory and practice of Lumia for its continuing history.

Partners of exhibition: MyWebAR, University of the West of Scotland, Royal College of Art, Future Paisley, OneRen, Renfrewshire Council, Lottery Funded.