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Western Kentucky University Present: AR Gallery Powered by MyWebAR

Welcome to Western Kentucky University's first-ever augmented reality gallery! 

AR Exhibition was featured in a traditional gallery space, the intention was to show that these mediums are just as thoughtfully and emotionally executed. Student and faculty works ranging from graphic design, illustration, animation, 3D/CAD models, and screen prints were considered eligible for the show.

Over 25 works in total from creatives from a wide range of disciplines were collected and transformed into corresponding QR codes that guests could scan on their smart devices in the gallery space. 


Once students and faculty expressed interest in submitting, their working files were collected and prepared to be brought into augmented reality. 2D, layered pieces were brought into their respective program and exported layer-by-layer as .png’s. 3D models and 2D animations were brought directly into MyWebAR.

"This program was selected because of its intuitive user interface and ease of access."

Through MyWebAR platform, each piece was digitally cataloged in the MyWebAR library and given a corresponding QR code.

Augmented Reality Exhibition was also presented at the 2021 ACM conference in Gatlinburg, and Western Kentucky University's annual conference. 

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