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Metaverse. A New Dimension: Why Learning Augmented Reality Today is Crucial

⚡️ A New Dimension. Why learning augmented reality today is crucial
⚡️ Practical use of augmented reality in business. Showcase and impact on the markets
⚡️ Who is the audience of AR products? How do you know if the business audience needs it?
⚡️ Myths about augmented reality and immersive technologies in general
⚡️ Is AR a competitive advantage or fundamentally new opportunities?
⚡️ What does a company or a specialist need to know today to take full advantage of the Metaverse?
⚡️What skills are becoming necessary and where to get them?
⚡️ Numbers, industries and forecasts

Why AR is a Great Idea For Publishing and How to Create it Yourself

⚡️ What benefits augmented reality is bringing to publishing
⚡️ TOP ideas of using AR in different types of publishing
⚡️ Extremely powerful & easy-to-use. Welcome to MyWebAR
⚡️ Getting to know your audience. AR usage analytics
⚡️ Highlighting different ways to use AR and its functionality
⚡️ Live tutorial of creating multiscene projects

The Easiest Way to Create Engaging and Successful Marketing Campaigns with AR

⚡️How augmented reality is changing business,
⚡️2022 AR trends in marketing,
⚡️Easy-to-use & extremely powerful: welcome to MyWebAR,
⚡️Getting to know your audience: AR usage analytics,
⚡️Brand experiences and White Label solution,
⚡️Emerging use cases from product owner.

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