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Augmented Marketers with CEO DEVAR Anna Belova at Spotify

Listen to episode 3 of the podcast 'Augmented Marketers' with CEO DEVAR Anna Belova. Let's delve into AR and the capabilities for all businesses. 

Let's discuss: 
  • The points of misunderstanding AR 
  • Is Metaverse only for VR? 
  • How to build strong relationships with customers via AR
  • The potential of AR in different industries
  • Educational AR tools 
  • The fundamental goals of AR for the companies and more! 

Listen the episode 3 at Spotify

More about 'Augmented Marketers' 

The author of the podcast Rich Watson goes deep into the world of Augmented reality marketing, e-commerce, web 3.0 and the metaverse. The guests range from Metaverse creators, Agency Owners, Marketers, and Startups. 

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