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Top 5 AR Experiences for Takeaway Drinks: Cans, Bottles, Coffee Cups, and More

Boxes and packaging for products (not only food) are a powerful tool for promoting and engaging with consumers. It can help build brand recognition, enable closer examination of a product before a final decision is made, and simply grab attention. You can read more about it in our article: 20 Tips for Using AR in Packaging.

But in addition to boxes, which mainly influence product selection during in-store purchases, there is another category of packaging such as bottles and cans, as well as disposable (or reusable, why not?) coffee cups to-go, which occasionally become part of our external image and can convey style, values, or product features.

Bright cans for energy drinks, stylish bottles for sports beverages, atmospheric coffee cups to-go... All of this can be made even more effective by adding augmented reality content.

Below, we have gathered the top 5 AR experiences for these types of products.
For those who prefer serious matters and getting straight to the point, in augmented reality, you can add links to social media, embed videos, or incorporate 3D models.
Making your product unique for a holiday or event without changing the core design? Absolutely possible! Here's a great example of Christmas magic.
Who said that dishes and objects can only come to life in cartoons? Using augmented reality in packaging is a great way to turn a cup or bottle into a fun and memorable character!
How to add even more recognition and distinctive features to a brand? Make them three-dimensional. Here's an interesting example of bringing craft beer cans to life shared by our users.
Why should advertising be limited to banners, the internet, or TV when it can come to life right on the packaging?
We hope you enjoyed our collection of AR experiences and that it has inspired you with new ideas and creativity. Remember, these are just examples. You can always try to improve and combine these examples, or even come up with something entirely new!

By the way, now is the perfect time to start.
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