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In a world full of fast-developing technologies, it’s not so easy to marvel at something. It seems like that everything is already invented and done. MyWebAR is a service that will prove to you it’s completely not true. We made it to manifest that every ordinary thing can be brighten up with new experience. You just need to add a little of Augmented Reality. You will be astonished, thrilled and totally captured. Breathe new life to your products. Open up a new chapter for them. And we will teach how to apply it.
How to turn tooth brushing into a fun game?
A boy named Alex didn’t like brushing. Because it’s dull! Once Alex’s mum brought him a new tube. “Place your camera’s phone over this picture”, she said pointing to the small square.
As he did this, he saw a girl on the screen. She was standing right in the toothpaste! That was a miracle! This girl shared with Alex some secrets of proper brushing and even showed some tips. A toothpaste with AR made Alex like brushing teeth.
Chips manufacturers have a wide range of chips flavors and they constantly add something new. But customers get used to familiar flavors and barely try the new ones. One corn chips brand came up with an idea! It made cool characters playing musical instruments for each flavor and add Augmented Reality with them to the products! Now consumers want to collect all band in AR and listen to them play together!
How to encourage to try something new?
“As a cereal maker I always in search of new ideas how to make my product competitive, outstanding, and remarkable in comparison with others. Once I came across Augmented Reality technology and now my cereals literally speak for themselves. No kidding! If you point a smartphone over the carton, a random letter or a number appears on the screen and starts talking! Children can learn and eat. Double benefit!”
“If only it was possible not only to smell but also to feel the forest!” — the owner of air freshener company exclaimed desperately. Augmented reality made it possible. Scan the QR code on the bottle and look around to see beautiful flowers, a rainforest or a waterfall. It depends on the flavor you choose. Air freshener company made a fortune because Augmented reality complements the products perfectly well.
How to make breakfast even more useful?
How to appear in a rainforest in a split second?
We gathered some cool stories that show how to turn usual things into a wonder.
Watch how AR makes products more useful, fun, and interesting to customers.
User stories
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These success stories are a tiny part of what you can do with the help of Augmented Reality. Everything is possible. MyWebAR is your trustworthy assistant. You don’t need special skills and knowledge to use it. A user-friendly interface and a vast collection of 3D models and animations allow making everything you want in Augmented Reality.
Step 1 - Choose
Choose the type of content you would like to use in your project and upload or import it from the library
Step 2 - Adjust 
Adjust the size of your object and its position on the scene, add actions, animations or captions
Step 3 - Share
Share the QR code with students. By scanning the code, students will see your AR scene in their browsers

Add Augmented Reality to any type of packaging you want

Impact of Augmented reality on consumers
Consumers usually do not understand how AR works. They do not even identify it. Although they see its value and trust the brands with Augmented reality more.
Augmented Reality provides twice as much visual attention in comparison with none AR products. It leads to better retention of information and more convincing reaction of the consumers.
Interaction with AR products leads to a 94% higher conversion rate as people can evaluate them better. They also feel a stronger emotional connection to brands.
Consumers who interact with a brand in Augmented Reality are 20% more likely to share the brand's products and will recommend other people to use this brand.
People who use Augmented Reality products 26% more likely to share their experience of usage with their family, friends, and colleagues.