A great AR case for a beer brand from Cambodia

Hanuman Beverages, a 100% Cambodian-owned brewery known for its fusion of Khmer traditions with German beer production techniques, has teamed up with Morozzi Creative Lab, an immersive agency specializing in innovative solutions. This collaboration gave rise to the launch of Neak Beer - a classic Asian lager, with a legendary Cambodian dragon Neak as its brand character. Neak Beer's omni-channel campaign officially launched in May 2023, provided beer fans with a visual immersive experience with inclusion of a hyper-realistic 3D character in TV ads, 3D Illusion billboards, and augmented reality (AR) for the first time in Cambodia.
As a part of this innovative campaign, in partnership with tech company Devar, a novel concept was developed that used beer cans for visual communication via AR technology. This project utilized the MyWebAR platform to create web-based AR content (webAR), negating the need for users to download extra apps, and instead only requiring a simple QR code scan.
The campaign amassed impressive user engagement stats. Additionally, a new experience was unveiled featuring Hanuman Beer, with a music video from a popular Cambodian hip-hop artist VannDa playing directly on the beer can, further enhancing user engagement.
Looking to the future, Hanuman Beverages and Morozzi Creative Lab aim to further delve into AR technologies for retail marketing, develop a dedicated AR can platform, and join forces with celebrity figures to showcase visual content on cans. This approach evidences their deep-rooted commitment to both innovation and delivering captivating consumer experiences.
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