DEVAR has launched
an AI bot that creates
AR projects in 30 seconds

In the early days of augmented reality technology, the creation process was complex and costly, often taking up to five months to complete a project. However, the landscape of AR development has rapidly evolved. First, platforms emerged that streamlined the process, reducing development time to just a few weeks.

The next significant step was the introduction of our no-code platform, MyWebAR by DEVAR, often referred to as "'Canva' for AR". This innovation simplifies the process, reducing development time to just one day.

But we don't stop at one day; we continuously push boundaries. Today, we're proud to introduce an innovation that takes AR creation to a whole new level. Meet our AI bot, now available on Telegram as @ARXR_bot. This AI bot allows you to craft immersive AR experiences in a matter of seconds using simple text prompts in your favorite messenger app. It's a game-changing addition to our platform, and we can't wait for you to experience it.

You can find the bot on Telegram as @ARXR_bot, available to users of the platform MyWebAR.

We eagerly await your feedback and look forward to hearing about the incredible AR experiences you create with it.

AR experience created with Burberry sneakers:
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