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Today is National Star Wars Day! If, by some amazing coincidence, you're not a fan of the franchise, that doesn't mean your users, friends or followers won't be celebrating.

So don't be too stern, congratulate them on this fun day! After all, common interests unite even strangers.

In honor of May the 4th Day, we have created a cool AR project featuring the astromech droid R2-D2. This project has been created as an AR in the Real World type of experience, which means you can place R2-D2 right in your own space: in your office, at home, on the street, or even in a coffee shop!
Send an AR project with R2-D2 to your friends, family, colleagues or users, or create one yourself using the no code platform DEVAR (MyWebAR).
You can scan the QR code or open the project directly from the link.
Step 1
Create a new project. Select the type of AR experience as an AR in the Real World.
Step 2
In the Content tab, find the Model 3D and click on the plus sign.
Step 3
Enter the name of the 3D model ― for example R2-D2 ― in the search box and select the appropriate one from the 3D Model Library. Some of the 3D models can be imported from Sketchfab, but you need to register here.
Step 4
Select any 3D model you like and click Import.
You can also read the description of the 3D model, there may be hidden jokes.
Step 5
Move and rotate the 3D model as you need it. In addition, you can add buttons, site links, text, music, and so on to the AR scene.
Step 6
Click the Publish button in the top right hand corner to download the QR code when you are happy with the result.
That's it! It's not that hard, is it? We look forward to seeing your results, comments and social media mentions.

Try it right now! May the DEVAR be with you :)

Best regards,
DEVAR (MyWebAR) Team
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