10 Types of Businesses Suitable for Phygital Marketing

In this article, you will discover new opportunities for explosive promotion of your business.
We recently updated the MyWebAR platform plans, and one of the revised plans is garnering significant interest from our customers.

What exactly is phygital marketing? Is it something exclusively for specialized agencies? And how does it differ from digital marketing?

Phygital marks a new era in advertising, seamlessly blending physical goods with the digital realm. Unlike digital marketing, the central focus here is the use of augmented reality to engage with the audience on a deeper level.

In a previous article, we delved into what Phygital Marketing plans offer clients. In this piece, we invite you to explore which product categories or types of businesses are ideal for Phygital Marketing promotion. If you identify with your business, delve into how immersive technology, particularly augmented reality, can be applied to your goals.

Ideal candidates for Phygital Marketing promotion include:

1. Goods where packaging plays a pivotal role in standing out on the shelf, attracting customer attention.
2. Merchandise in an online retail storefront. Yes, it is possible to interact with your goods using AR even on the marketplace screen.

3. Businesses with an active presence on social media to promote the brand and products.

4. Products that allow for immersive interaction, such as books or toys.
5. Stores located in malls, finding it challenging to gather their entire potential target audience.

6. Art projects, spanning from physical objects to performances.

7. Businesses utilizing advertising on physical media, from small posters to giant billboards - no barriers to adding AR content.

8. Specialized or niche products where finding and retaining the audience's attention is extremely challenging.

9. Large corporations working with global brands, where brand awareness, loyalty, and customer feedback are pivotal to their work.
10. Digital and marketing agencies that can seamlessly combine all of the above categories, with statistics being a crucial tool in their work.

In the new Phygital Marketing plan, you have a unique opportunity to utilize augmented reality not only to amaze and inspire your customers but also to collect and analyze information. This includes gathering the most up-to-date and comprehensive customer feedback, obtaining detailed audience insights, retargeting audiences on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more, digitizing your audience from offline products, and gaining valuable data, among other benefits.

Plus, you get access to 15 additional options, including 6 tracking types and 26 plugins and extensions. In essence, with this new package, you can create complex multi-level scenarios and games for your customers. Most importantly, you will gain a deeper understanding of your audience without risking losing them.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our support team. We would love to help you and your team create an incredible immersive experience for your business.
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